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Why VegWeightLossDiets?

The name Vegweightlossdiets is very obvious but let us put it on record. This website aims to explore whole plant based options to promote long term health and promote natural weight loss or gain. Most articles will be aimed at promoting the best vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains which we need to have to achieve optimal health. We believe that our body eventually reflects what we eat and hence with employing the best health practices and sticking with it, we will get back to the perfect shape and achieve great health. This site has few articles but we are currently we are working to increase the number of articles on the website and also share more useful information through our twitter, facebook and google plus pages.

We are aiming to write few unique books aimed at promoting long term healthy lifestyle aimed primarily to serve you, the readers of this website (feel free to provide your feedback at admin@vegweightlossdiets.com). we have already written our first free ebook on Ragi (finger millet) which we have make it available to all our subscribers.

Who are we?

This website is owned and managed by me, Ramya. I am a vegetarian from birth but I have been taking baby steps towards becoming a vegan (leaving tea and yogurt has been really hard). Obviously, Harish dislikes it but I have not managed to quit it yet. I am currently full time mom and love to take care of my 3 year old. Even though I am not a vegan, I am proud of the fact that I have managed to get back to shape post my pregnancy (56 kg to 74 kg to 55 kg). I am not still there yet but I am working on it every day. I primarily take care of managing subscribers and interacting with readers and reshaping the content based on the feedback we receive.

Almost all of the content in this website is written by my husband, Harish. Harish was a vegetarian all his life and was happy being so until on the 9th Feb 2014 when he read an article on atrocities that cows had to endure to get his glass of milk and it made him go vegan. He made a slow educated transition into a fully vegan lifestyle and in the process he lost 6 kilos in 6 months and has sustained it. That’s not too much by the looks of it but he did not exercise too much control on himself apart from sticking to some broad based principles. He is now a full time vegan and acts as a human guinea pig to try and test different diets, foods and experiments with what works and what does not.


This is us, we got married in 2009 and we created the website an year later when we found that it was difficult to find credible health related information online. Our son Aditya is 3 but not an expert in this field yet and hence not contributed much to this website. However, he is similar to his dad as he is open to experimentation in the food he eats. Unlike me, both of them are unfussy about how the food tastes and can consume almost any combination of food. Aditya is ahead in some respects as he can consume things like raw cocoa powder or lemon skin (check this video) happily. So his only contribution to this site is by being sane, sleeping on time and sleep peacefully so that his father can wake up early to write new stuff for you guys.

Want to help us?

There are many things we want to do but there is only so much time in a day. So we welcome anyone who wants to join hands to help. You can also reach us if you have a comment, appreciation, criticism and we will be extremely happy to hear from you. You can reach us at admin @ vegweightlossdiets.com.

The VegWeightLossDiet.com Team

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