Lowering Cholesterol Diets

As you may know there are 3 types of Cholesterols – High Density Lipoproteins (HDL), Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) and Triglycerides. Out of these only HDL is good for the body where as others are not so good. This article is mainly focusing on identifying and replacing those high cholesterol diets with those which are lowering cholesterol diets.

The percentage of all cholesterols in the body is influenced by the amount of fat we intake. Even in fats we have good and bad fats. Saturated and Trans Fat are bad fats where as Unsaturated fats (Mono and Poly) are good fats.


Saturated Fats

Saturated are the most dangerous of fats that we should avoid. These fats contribute heavily to increase our bad cholesterol levels. Let’s check out the common food items from which these make their way to our body and what are its apt substitutes.

sad      Red Meat, Organ Meats – Replace meat (more so red meat) with other diets like fish or simply go vegetarian.

sad      Butter – Replace them with Cheese which are said to have lesser amount of total and saturated fat.

sad      Palm Oil or Coconut Oil – Replace these with Olive oil or Sun flower oil

sad      Heavy Dairy Products – Go for skimmed or semi skimmed milk. Reduce other heavy dairy products.

sad      Egg Yolks – Avoid egg yolks and food items made of them. Go for egg whites only.


Trans Fat

The main source of Trans fat into the body is from the processed foods we take as these have high levels of Trans Fat. The common processed food includes pasties, crisps, donuts, cakes, cookies and almost all fried items sold on fast food outlets like KFC.

The best action to take is to avoid these processed foods all together and replace them with healthy snacks (like low sugar whole grain snacks) or fruits. Going natural with consciously replacing the intake of processed food with fruits and vegetables will have a great long term benefits.

OK, now let us discuss those good fats and their sources.


Monounsaturated Fats

These are relatively good fats when taken in reasonable quantities. These are said to reduce the LDLs which are bad and help increase levels of HDLs which are good. The below list gives different sources of monounsaturated fats

smiley     Different kinds of oils like olive oil, grape seed oil, peanut oil, corn oil.

smiley     Nuts, Avocados

smiley     Whole grain wheat, Oat meal, cereals and popcorns


Polyunsaturated Fats

Like monounsaturated fats the polyunsaturated fats are good for the body when taken in moderate proportions. These also help in increasing HDLs and reduce LDLs. Below are the different sources of polyunsaturated fats.

smiley       Nuts and seeds

smiley       Sesame, Soy, Corn and Sunflower seed oils

smiley       Whole grain wheat

smiley      Peanut butter, Margarine


A word of caution is that even though both Mono and Polysaturated fats are termed as good fats they only should be taken in limited quantities. As they are a type of fat they will increase your body weight. Also an effort has to be made to consume the above food in its original form as heating of the food might result in food losing its property.


If you are of age 7 or 70, what you need to do is quite simple. Reduce those foods which are high on saturated and trans fats and replace them with those food items which provide mono and poly unsaturated fats. Having said that care should be taken to limit the intake of all fats as all fats will add more weight to body. Hence adding a good exercise plan into daily routine will greatly help maintain good cholesterol levels.

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      Thanks for an article that nicely sums up the different kinds of fats, their advantages and disadvantages. Although it is good rule of thumb to watch fat intake, it is not entirely true that cutting down fat alone with imrpove your lipid profile or weight! Contrary to popular belief, the best way to beat fat is by eating fat (yes, there are many studies that prove this). Fats are not the culprit. The real way of improving blood lipids is by cutting down heavily on carbohydrate intake. Especially with an Indian vegetarian diet, carbohydrate is the main culprit in causing obesity and related health issues. I wish there was better awareness and education given to the general public towards the hazards of eating excess carbohydrates rather than fats.

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      Dec 31, 2008· a healthy diet plan of cholestrerol levels lowering food along with regular physical activity energizes your current metabolic process and helps you to reduce cholesterol normally by …Anti Aging News

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      Flax seeds(Alasi) are also good source of Omega 3 acid and helps to reduce cholesterol . We should consume it daily . It is number one nutrition food item .Search online for more health benefit details of flax seed. You can buy it from nearby store or online and it is quite cheap as compare to other healthy items like almonds.

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