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Ragi Flour Nutritional Value and Health Benefits

Ragi is the common name of Finger Millet in Southern part of India (and known as Nachni in the northern part of India). Along with oats this is one of the most nutritious food and one of the easy one to to digest. It is rich in calcium and protein and also have good amount of iron and other minerals. It is low in fat most of which are unsaturated fats. As any other grains out there it has its shade of good and not so good aspects. Ragi or Nachni is often ground to a fine power and sold and popularly known as Ragi Flour. In this article we will put together all the details Ragi Flour’s Nutritional Value and Health Benefits and what ragi has to offer to us.

To start with we will look at the % share of content of Ragi, second, we will look at the quantity of minerals present and different amino acids present. We will then look at what are the over all health benefits of consuming Ragi or Nachni on a regular basis. Finally we will round it up with comparing Ragi flour to other grains like Wheat, Maize against key staple food ingredients. (check out our article on Health benefits of oatmeal nutrition for weight loss)


Ragi Flour Nutritional Value

In this below section depicts the in a typical content in 100 grams of Ragi Flour (edible portion, 12% moisture). Major portion of Ragi Flour is carbohydrate, followed by protein and fiber. It has the least amount of fat in them.


Ragi Flour Nutritional Value (Chart)

Content Amount (Typical) Amount (Range)
Carbohydrate 72.6 71.3 – 89.5
Protein 7.7 5.8 – 12.8
Fibre 3.6 3.5 – 3.9
Fat 1.3 1.3 – 2.7

Below is the pie chart which shows the split of above numbers.

Ragi Nutrition Split

Major portion of Ragi Flour is carbohydrate, around 80%. The Fat percentage is quite less which is good. Protein and fiber contents vary but range from less to moderate. 100 grams of Ragi has roughly on an average of 336 KCal of energy in them.

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Below table shows typical amount of various minerals present in the Ragi Flour (to be referred as Ragi here after). As you can see in the table that Ragi has high amount of calcium. Calcium is one of the most important ingredients of our body and our daily need is around 350 mg. There are traces of Iron but rest of other minerals are very small.

Ragi Nutrition Chart (Minerals)

Mineral Content Amount
(Typical – mg)
Calcium 350
Iron 3.9
Niacin 1.1
Thiamin 0.42
Riboflavin 0.19


Amino Acids

Ragi also has some good number of Essential Amino Acids (EAA) which are essential for human body. Few of the key EAAs which Ragi has are Valine, Methionine, Isoleucine, Threonine and Tryptophan. Below section beiefly explains why these are essential for us

Valine is essential for repair of tissues, muscle coordination and metabolism and also help maintain balance of nitrogen in the body. It also help promote mental calmness and enhance maintain mental vigor.
Isoleucine is essential for ensuring blood formation, keeping a check on blood sugar levels. It also helps heal and repair muscle tissues, bones and skin.
Threonine helps maintain protein levels in the body. It also helps formation of tooth enamel, also prevents formation of fat in the liver.
Tryptophan which act as natural relaxant and help fight anxiety, depression and insomnia. They also help in treating migraine headaches. They reduce excess appetite and help control weight gain; they also release of growth harmones.
Methionoine which is a sulfur based amino acid which is essential for various activities in human body. It is said to help promote growth of healthy skin and hair. The Sulfur which we get from Methionine helps produce a substance called lecithin which helps reduce cholesterol, reduce fat inside the livers and help protect kidneys. This methionine is generally lacking in staple diet of some of the vegetarians and hence regular Ragi intake will help get enough of these amino acids.

Ragi Nutrition Chart (Amino Acids)

Amino Acids Content Amount
(mg/g of protein)
Leucine 594
Valine 413
Phenylalanin 325
Isoleucine 275
Threonine 263
Methionine 194
Tryptophan 191
Lysine 181
Cystine 163


Summary of Health Benefits of Ragi Flour

It is easy to get overwhelmed by so many numbers. What we are need to know is how good Ragi is and what health benefits we get by consuming it regularly. So below is a summary of these benefits.

  1. Promote Healthy Eating
  2. Promote Natural Weight Loss
  3. A good Vegan Gluten free source of Protein
  4. Acts as a good baby food due to its rich nutrient content
  5. Great whole grain source of Calcium

Ragi Vs Other Grains (Wheat, Maize, Brown Rice)

Now let us look at How Ragi fairs with other whole grains when it comes to key nutrient content. Below table shows how Ragi (finger millet) stands against other staple grains – Wheat, Maize and Brown Rice.

Ragi Nutrition Chart (Comparison)

Content (grams) Brown Rice Wheat Maize Ragi
Energy (KCal) 362 348 358 336
Carbohydrate 76 71 73 72.6
Protein 7.9 11.6 9.2 7.7
Fibre 1.0 2.0 2.8 3.6
Fat 2.7 2.0 4.6 1.5

We can make out from the chart that Protein content in Ragi is not on the higher side. It is least on Calories, Protein and Fat.

Ragi Nutrition Chart (Mineral Comparison)

Content (mgs) Brown Rice Wheat Maize Ragi
Calcium 33 30 26 350
Iron 1.8 3.5 2.7 3.9
Niacin 4.3 5.1 3.6 1.1
Thiamin 0.41 0.41 0.38 0.42
Riboflavin 0.04 0.1 0.2 0.19

Ragi has very high amount of calcium which are way more than others. The Ragi also have traces of Iron. Other minerals are not present in high numbers


Ragi is a very good to be included as a part of staple diet as it lot of essential nutrients, amino acids and minerals. Add to this is the fact that these have very low amount of fat content and reasonable amount of fibre.

While Ragi is indeed awesome but there is misconception that ragi is good for diabetes patients. As we know, this claim has no scientific basis and in fact it is known to be one of the easiest of the grains to digest. This means that the carbohydrates it has increases the sugar levels faster than other foods like oats.

Excess eating of Ragi could lead to Kidney stones and hence caution is required to ensure moderate eating. This article is a testament of goodness of ragi and including Ragi into diet plan for most people will help a lot.



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    My mother is diabetic. Could any one please suggest, can we make chapati (Roti) with Ragi Flour alone or we have to mix with Wheat Flour. If yes, what proportion. Thanks in advance.

  142. How much iron n calcium present in one spoon?

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  144. Hi friendz, tel me wil it reduce weight…. Give me a adive.

  145. Really good information.
    We are producing Ragi as Rice form, which can be cooked like ordinary Rice. SInce rich in fibre, very good for Diabetic. Easily digestible.
    Very good option for kids, and anyone who likes to reduce weight.
    Our Product Brand name is RAICON, first time in India, RAGI RICE.
    Ready to give more details on request.

  146. very informative write up. i want to know nutrient content of malted ragi flour. how much it enhances the nutritive value???

  147. Thank you for the detailing and the useful comparison.

  148. vaani santhosh

    July 2, 2014 at 9:29 am

    Good information about ragi.
    I heard ragi is gluten free which is used as substitute for maida in making cake.

    thank you
    Eat healthy and be healthy

  149. Krishna Kumar K P

    August 6, 2014 at 3:53 pm

    I was trying to find a substitute for my daily intake of calcium tablets.Thank you very much for the informations you shared with us.

  150. I mix it with wheat floor to make chapatis is it ok.

  151. This is a really informative article about the Ragi…Thanks

  152. Very very useful
    I think ragi is the best option for weight loss.

  153. I would like to know how to prepare ragi so that it is goood for diabetic patients or else any form of cooking  is good for diabetic patients

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  155. I like it in my daily life.

  156. Ragi is most heat produse in human body . This is right r wrong pls tell me.

  157. Excellent info…about wonderful cereal raagi or madua is considered relatively inferiour in hilly parts of kumoun and people are not growing it to its full capacity in their fields as they  lack important aspects of this wonderful grain. After such an important article may be slowly but surely they will get benifitted.

  158. Iregulary consume ragi from childhood. Information on nutrional values of ragi and comparison with other millets is highly informative and useful to all.. Honeealthwise everyone should consume ragi , itis not costly.

  159. just saying carbohydrates is n enough.
    what type is it? complex, simple…very important diffrence

  160. I’m having raagi powder in hot milk. ragi is uncooked…will it create any problem?

  161. Admin

    December 11, 2014 at 3:49 pm

    I am not sure about the type of Raagi you are using. Regardless, it is advisable to cook ragi with water for a bit before mixing with your milk.

  162. Thank you for sharing such a great artical about ragi.
    I would like to ask you that I am overweight and working hard to loose weight,many of my friend sujjested me to eat only protein at night time which is really expensive and hard to follow that protein diet, in above article you have written that ragi does help to reduce weight so my question is can I use ragi at my dinner time until I get back to my normal weight?

  163. Yes. Ragi at night (before 7.30 PM or so) is a good option. The best option is to go with Ragi Malt or some such option which would not be too heavy at night. I would also suggest to increase the intake of veggies which will also help reduce the excess weight. All the best.

  164. shantha kumari.R

    March 25, 2015 at 2:24 pm

    will consumption ragi causes kidney problem . I am a diabetic patient. Please inform

  165. Shantha,

    Thanks for your question. Yes, if you eat Ragi excessively it could lead to kidney stones. Also unlike the popular belief, Ragi is not among the best foods to eat for a diabetic patient. Oats are better bet but we highly recommend getting advice from a qualified nutritionist who can look at your detailed condition and advice you the best foods you can eat.

  166. Joshua Choppara

    April 9, 2015 at 4:22 am

    Dear Admin,
    Thank you for your efforts to share the valuable information. I have gone through your e-book “All about Ragi”. Excellent one. I wonder at the amazing health benefits of these millets. Being a South Indian, I want to promote/advocate the usage of Ragi and Bajra Flours in kolkata region where I live at present. I request you to suggest me some methods to spread awareness regarding Finger Millet and Pearl Millet.
    May I give the reference to your Website in my promotional literature?
    Waiting to hear from you,
    Best Regards,
    Joshua Choppara

  167. I give to my baby who is now 9months old daily Ragi in breakfast.Is it not correct?

  168. Ragi is very good for babies as it is loaded with calcium like no other grain. However, like all other grains it is not the best for all needed vitamins and minerals. So make sure there is a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables which is fed daily. Instead of giving ragi daily, I would suggest to alternate between Ragi and Oats which is a better diet.

    Having said all this, I do not know full history of your baby and hence consider these as suggestions. Whatever changes you make, you need to keep a close eye how the baby is processing the food.

    Hope it helps.

  169. can ragi be used in fasting days?

  170. I am not sure if I get your question. Typically, fasting involves taking no solid food for a day. Given that I am not sure how you intend to consume Ragi? If you do consume on those days it wont create any new problems to your body as far as I know. What is your exact concern Ankita?

  171. Annie kapembwa

    May 27, 2015 at 8:33 am

    How does it help with the people with dieabets?

  172. Ragi is not the best option for people with Diabetes. Grains like oats or oat bran are better. The best is the reduce the portion of grains and increase portion of non-starchy vegetables in your meals.

  173. Manohar shinde

    June 4, 2015 at 7:21 pm

    Glycemic index of ragi equals glucose or more than glucose. It has more than 72% starch and almost negligible amount of resistant starch. Ragi like other cereals is a high carb food. It is a marginal source of protein and fiber content is similar in concentration to other cereals except pearl millet (Pearl millet is superior to other cereals in its fiber content, iron content and has low glycemic index). Amino acid content of Ragi protein;the chart shows mg amino acids/ g ragi protein. I earnestly request the author to check their facts. Ragi is superior in its calcium and magnesium content. It is a food and i suppose we can have foods from the mother nature not super foods. Among millets the glycemic index of pearl millet, bajra, great millet, foxtail millet and great millet is lower than that of ragi. The glycemic index of cereals is bit les than that of ragi. We have plethora of knowledge available on nutritional facts of cereals, millets and legumes, my request is to not to stick on to a particular food bur try to find facts and supplement them to make a best balance diet out of the supplements. good luck

  174. Ramakrishna, M V

    June 23, 2015 at 4:10 am

    What is the basis for your nutritional data? Did you make the analysis? Are you quoting from some authoritative source? If so which one? New South Wales study on Glycemic index lists Ragi as high glycemic index food; not suitable for diabetes. I am confised.

  175. Yes Ramakrishna. Ragi is known to be a food which is easy to digest and not an ideal one for Diabetes patients. I have updated the verdict section of the article to reflect the same.

  176. Hi Manohar, I have reviewed the content again and have ensured that there is nothing there in the article which causes confusion or give incorrect information. I have also added a line in the last section (under verdict) that it is not the best for diabetes.

  177. Ramakrishna, M V

    June 29, 2015 at 5:43 am

    I am very curious about Calcium also; Milk has 125 mg/100 grams or so.
    Is Ragi 350 mg/100 gm?
    If so what is the source of your info. Also I do not know how one determines this?
    What test?

  178. Both sources listed at the end of the article quotes 350 and 370 mg of calcium per 100 grams. The other source is a book called “Nutritive value of Indian foods“. I am not sure how they have determined the calcium content. By the way, given the downside, milk is not the best source for calcium.


    July 26, 2015 at 3:25 am

    Can a patient of fatty liver condition use RAGI flour in his daily diet.

  180. I am not very sure Satyanaraian. Liver has a major play in processing fat and hence I would assume eating ragi should not impact as it has the lowest fat among most staple grains. I am not sure if there are other factors. So sorry, could not provide an advice of help. However, please find More Information here about different aspects of fatty liver condition.

  181. Thank you for the valuable information on finger millets. Could you kindly give the nutritional value of sprouted finger millets too.

  182. Good information of all grains

  183. Hello,

    Well written post. Thank You.

    My concern is, if Ragi is high in carbs, then it is not a suitable food for low carb-high protein diet. I am currently following the diet and Am craving to have ragi malt in my diet. But seems like I need to stay away from it.


  184. There’s also several research stating that where millets, mainly, pearl millets, have been the staple diet, there are high incidences of goiter. Millets are considered anti-nutrients due to goitrogens. It still isn’t clear at least to me whether thid goiter occurrence is due to intake of millets or an existing condition of iodine deficiency. Please comment.

  185. abhishek gadiya

    June 26, 2016 at 7:45 am

    how much amount of sodium benzoate should be added in ragi malt preparation of 200gm in pharmaceutical industry as a preservative

  186. Not sure Abhishek. never had to prepare anything with preservatives. sorry!

  187. Thanks for raising this Mani. I had not come across this when I was researching for this article but I could see a this explained in this post. I am not a fan of Paleo diet which asks you to avoid grains altogether. My recommendation is to eat most veg and fruits and sneak in grains where needed. This enable us to reduce the risk from over consumption of grains. currently we may be eating grains & fruit/veg in the ratio of 4:1 but we need to strive to get it to around 2:1 or 1:1. More veg/fruit we eat, better it is.

  188. Low carb protein diet is good only if the protein are coming from plant based sources. if the diet is rich in animal products like meat, egg and dairy then it is not good to be good in the long run.

  189. Richmillets is a online store for purely millets in Hyderabad. We supply purely organic and home based millets.

  190. it helps in reducing weight

  191. many places in web mentions it is best suitable for diabetics. But you say opposite. Did i miss something?

  192. I have collected most my info from reliable sources. It would have gone well if I had claimed Ragi as the best food for diabetes but given the risks of the disease, I want to be really sure. So far, I have not found a good source which is of authority that confidently claims that Ragi has complex carbs to slow down digestion. If you find such a source of importance & authority where they make their claims based on scientific backing then do let me know. Thanks.

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