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Ragi Malt (Hot & Sweet)

I am guessing that you are here because you know how good Ragi (Finger Millet) is (if you dont know then check our Ragi Nutrition page). If you know good qualities of Ragi and want to explore some easy food items out of it then this article will tell you how to make a healthy drink made out of Ragi called Ragi Malt. If you fancy something more solid then check our Ragi Roti page.

Ragi Malt can be made sweet or salty and slighly hot. The sweet version is the most common version. This article details out step by step process to make sweet version of Ragi Malt which is one of the famous drinks in rural parts of south India. Salt version is slighly new and its not something I have come across. We will talk about it in a different article.

Ragi Malt is famously known as poor man’s health drink due to its nutritious value and affordability. It is also a very easy-to-make drink which is very filling in nature. For those of you who are switching towards a healthier lifestyle this is an ideal substitute for your coffee/tea or carbonated drink.


Ragi Malt – Short Facts

Aspect Fact
Dish Type Healthy Beverage
Time to Plate 15 (Minutes)
Nutritional Value High
Ingredients Originality Retained Most
Creativity Opportunity Medium


Ragi Malt Ingredients


Ragi Malt – Ingredients

Item Amount Type Alternatives
Ragi Flour 1/2 Cup Main Ingredient
Water 1 Cup Main Ingredient
Maple Syrup 3 spoonful Main Ingredient Jaggery/Brown Sugar
Almond/Soy Milk 1/4 Cup Optional Any
Cardamom Powder 1 Table Spoon Optional


Ragi Malt – Step by Step Procedure

Step 1: Take the Ragi flour in a cup and add small amounts of water slowly and mix them to get a smooth liquid solution.
Hint 1: It is essential to get a lump free liquid paste and hence slow careful mixing is essential.
Hint 2: However there are chances that lump will still get formed and in those cases attack each lump and break them and mix with watery paste (it might be easier to break the lumps with clean hands).
Hint 3: If you prefer you can also consider adding small amounts of flour on to heating water accompanied with continuous stirring. Key again is to focus on smooth easy paste. Employ the method that best suits you.
Step 2: Once the Ragi paste is ready keep it aside and start heating a glass of water in a different vessel.
Step 3: If you are not allergic you can also use suitable amount of milk instead of a water to enhance the taste.
Step 4: The water/milk mixture must be heated till it starts to boil.
Step 5: Now slowly add already prepared Ragi flour solution to boiling water/milk mixture accompanied with continuous stirring.
Step 6: Add a pinch of cardamom powder followed by suitable amount of sugar or jaggery depending on your comfort.
Step 7: Now heat must be reduced to low-medium and simmer the content for 4-5 minutes with periodic stirring.
Step 8: Turn off the stove after this.
Hint 4: Folks with electric heater/stove might have to amend the heat reduce/alter timings mentioned here as they tend to react slowly to changes you make and could ruin your drink.
Step 9: Let the drink cool down to your needs and hurray! the drink is ready to be served.


  1. Dry Fruits can also be added to make it rich. Make sure you dont add too much of them.

Sweet Ragi Malt



Ragi Malt is a very good health drink to get added as a part of your regular diet. This easy-to-make, tasty, nutritious food allows you to make and have them anytime. Replacing your coffee or tea with these would be the best thing to do. However if you dont fancy sweeter version we have a salty-hot version which will be published soon.


  1. its very informative and healthy options. well thanx a tonnes for this info……..

  2. Thanks a lot for starting this website …… Ragi is also the best diet for 'Lactose Intolerant' like me (i can't consume milk or milk products which make my diet calcium poor) …… thanks a lot ..hope many will benifit from this website … (by the way i liked your idea of adding dry fruits to ragi malt to make it more tasty which consumed otherwise is quite bland!!

  3. very good job. the indians are threat from diabetic,obicety and hartattach this is best food ragi , we better use as malt or dosa. diabetic is very high in hyd.

  4. How do you make Dosa with RAGI? I have grown up eating Ragi puttu, and would love to make more with it.

  5. i didnt get the answer to my question ..will we increase our weight by drinking ragi malt or not????????????

  6. Asis Shrestha

    June 25, 2011 at 5:56 am

    It really sounds tasty. The market of ragi product is still a real challange. Because its less popular among the modern day youth. What can we do for the promotion of ragi?

  7. Thanks a ton 4 the recipe, i was craving to have a ragi dish from a real big time . n now i guess i vill have a feast.

  8. Admin

    July 30, 2011 at 12:39 pm

    Ragi has least amount of Fat and hence you can add it as a part of your staple diet without too much worry. However as we always know too much is always too bad. Also if you have any medical condition which I am not aware of might also need to be considered.

  9. I had thought consuming ragi will lead in gaining weight…… Thanks a lot for knowing things in a better manner..

  10. Thanks for the recipe. I would be glad if u could post some salty recipes of ragi. Well, I'm in US.. and as u know its very cold here in winters. Is it good to have ragi in winters? or only it can be consumed during summers.

  11. My children age is 10 yrs  girl and 4yrs boy is having calcium ocalate stones, so ragi malt is preferable to them or not. please, send me mail to me.

  12. thanks for good recipies of ragi. As night meal how often I can take it. I had two spoons with curd to start with.

  13. Dear Sir,

    You have done very good efforts to give knowladge about “ragi “for peoples who are thinking /suffring with obesity and helped them to guide to maintain too..! i hope you will continue to provide your eeforts and guidence in future.


    Anil Arora

  14. i am very likeing ragimalt.its very testy.

  15. can v replace ragi malt with breakfast?????????????????????

  16. is it useful for weight increase?

  17. hi friend is this good or bad for heart patients please tell me sooon………..

  18. satyanarayana

    July 19, 2014 at 2:25 am

    very good information
    poor men healthy drink but now a days it is needed for every one

  19. Is it good to eat Ragi malt as dinner? I heard we might gain weight by eating it at night.

  20. Hi 
    Best advice from my side…. i am working in one of the IT company there we have the facility of oven so i will carry raagi flour to my office and also i will carry one tupperware tumbler and i will cook raagi malt in that tumbler at 5'O clock (Tea time) every day. People can follow this if they dont have time to prepare at home……………….

  21. Admin

    October 30, 2014 at 2:42 pm

    Ragi Malt at night is typically a safe bet but it would make sense to keep your night diet as light and easy.

  22. i liked your ragi malt receipe. but my wieght is 85 kilo and i want to reduce it . is it will helpful to me

  23. venkata Sowjanya

    November 7, 2014 at 7:34 am

    I suggest Ragi Malt in the morning before/after break fast. Trust me It really boosts up your energy(I am having it daily after green tea). Its good if you take millets during day time instead of night time

  24. hey I’ve got a doubt! mixing ragi with milk , will it not obstruct the calcium uptake by our body ???

  25. Admin

    November 7, 2014 at 2:44 pm

    I am not sure Geetha. Milk as a source of calcium itself is being debated right now as there are other ill effects of milk. I would suggest to exclude milk if it is possible and explore other plant based sources for calcium where possible.

  26. for weight loss…is it better to take ragi malt at day time or night time..??

  27. can TB patients have ragi malt

  28. Not really sure Shergill. Never came across anything which prescribe to avoid Ragi. The only point has been to avoid excessive consumption. However, it is better to check with someone who has a better understanding of patient’s situation.

  29. Have ragi malt at night as it is liquid and rather light. However, you must ensure that you eat healthy mix of fruit and veg in the morning and afternoon. in fact, stuff yourself in the morning/afternoon with veg/fruits and reduce the quantity of food consumed at night.

  30. can raagi malt with buttermilk can be taken in the night time, pls guide,

  31. I am a vegan, So, I dont drink or suggest adding buttermilk. However, if you do have it then sure you can but ensure you have it 3 hours before sleep for proper digestion.

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