Ragi Malt (Salty Hot)

Ragi Malt can be made sweet or salty (and hot). The sweet version is the most common version of Ragi Malt and click here to know how to make them. Salt version is slighly new and its not something I have come across but it does come out to be very tasty. This article details out step by step process to make this newer version of Ragi Malt.

Ragi Malt is famously known as poor man's health drink due to its nutritious value and affordability. It is also a very easy-to-make drink which is very filling in nature. For those of you who are switching towards a healthier lifestyle this is an ideal substitute for your coffee/tea or carbonated drink.


Ragi Malt – Short Facts

Aspect Fact
Dish Type Healthy Beverage
Time to Plate 15 (Minutes)
Nutritional Value High
Ingredients Originality Retained Most
Creativity Opportunity Medium


Ragi Malt – Ingredients

Item Amount Type Alternatives
Ragi Flour 1/2 Cup Main Ingredient
Salt 1 Table Spoon Main Ingredient
Green Chillies 2 Finely Chopped Main Ingredient Chilly Podwer/Red Chillies
Water 1 Cup, Luke warm Main Ingredient
Yougurt 3 Table Spoons Optional
Ginger 1/2 Table Spoons Optional


Ragi Malt – Step by Step Procedure

Step 1: Add small amounts of flour on to heating water accompanied with continuous stirring. Key again is to focus on smooth easy paste. Employ the method that best suits you.
Hint 1: It is essential to get a lump free liquid paste and hence slow careful mixing is essential.
Step 2: Mix yougurt (only if you are not alergic to it), choppied chilles, small amounts of ginger and a cup of water in a mixer or blender. Ensure that they mix well.
Step 4: Slowly mix yougurt soultion with Ragi solution and let them blend.
Step 5: Now add appropriate amount of salt and mix thoroughly.
Hint 2: (Its a known thing but I will state it anyway) Start with adding little quantities of salt and if its not enough add a bit more and try. Risk of adding extra salt is generally high.
Step 6: You can allow the drink to cool down if you want. The drink can be had either cold or hot.


1. Non sweet dry fruits (e.g. coarsely podwered roasted pistachio) can also be added to make it rich and tasty. Make sure you dont add too much of them.


Ragi Malt is a very good health drink to get added as a part of your regular diet. This variation of the drink is also easy-to-make, tasty, nutritious food allows you to make and have them anytime. This drink comes with the added advantage of not using sugar. Replacing your coffee or tea with these would be the best thing to do.

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