Ragi Roti (Ragi Rotti)

You must be knowing how much value there is in Ragi (Finger Millet) and I guess hence you are here (if you dont know then check Ragi Nutrition). If you know good qualities of Ragi but dont know what you can do with it you are at the right place. There are couple of good food items out there which can be made out of Ragi. Two well known food items are Ragi Roti and Ragi Malt.

This article details out step by step process to make Ragi Roti (rotti) which is one of the most famous dishes in south India. This dish is not only delicious but also very easy to make. This can be made and eaten as a main course almost at any time of the day. They are so tasty that they will surely make you crave for more.

Ragi Rotti


Ragi Roti – Short Facts

Aspect Fact
Dish Type Main Course
Time to Plate 20 (Minutes)
Nutritional Value High
Ingredients Originality Retained Most
Creativity Opportunity Medium


Ragi Roti – Ingredients

Item Amount Type Alternatives
Ragi Flour 2 Cups Main Ingredient
Salt 1 Spoon Main Ingredient
Green Chillies 3 Finely Chopped Main Ingredient Chilly Podwer/Red Chillies
Water 1 Cup, Luke warm Main Ingredient
Cumin/Jeera 1 Spoon Optional
Onions 1 Finely Chopped Optional
Oilve Oil 3 Spoons Optional Sunflower Oil


Ragi Roti – Step by Step Procedure

Step 1: Add the Ragi flour, salt, jeera, oil, finely chopped onion and chillies into a bowl and mix well.
Step 2: Start adding little amounts of water at short intervals till you end up getting a soft dough.
Step 3: Take portions of dough and make them into round balls.
Hint 1: Let the size of the resulting dough ball be proportional to diameter of the pan. This round shape of the dough is to ease out spreading the dough on the pan.
Hint 2: Make as many dough balls as the numbers of Rotis you want. This will help reduce the time of preparation of each Rotis (and also those waiting stomachs).
Step 4: Take a frying pan add a spoon of oil as the coat on its base. (Note that pan is not yet ready for heating).
Step 5: Flatten the dough ball on the pan (clean hand can be used for this).
Hint 3: If you need the Roti to be thin and crisp then then spread dough thin all along the pan. This is only possible if you to get correct amount of dough.
Step 6: Make few holes in the flattened Roti if needed. This will help the steam to escape.
Hint 4: Start the stove on a medium flame and cover the pan with a lid if you have.
Step 7: Allow the dough to cook for few minutes. (You can make this out by change in colour of Roti and also smell).
Step 8: Once the Roti is cooked on one side You need not flip it over and cook the other side for few minutes. Typically give some 3-4 mins on first side and 2-3 mins on the second.
Step 9: Now the Roti is ready to be served. Take the Roti out of the pan using a spatula and directly serve if possible.
Hint 5: For the next Roti the Pan needs to be cooled so that you can spread the next dough ball without buring your yourself. For this you can use multiple pans if you have or pour some cold water on the pan after Roti is taken out.
Hint 6: Serve hot with different type of chutney, sauce or pickle and yogurt.


1. This dish also gives opportunity to be creative by allowing to add different type of vegetables along side onion. My choices are boiled peas (esp. butter peas), slighly fried capsicum, boiled corn.
2. Dry Fruits can also be added to make it rich. Make sure you dont add too much of them.
3. You can also add some rice flour along with Ragi flour to enhance/change the taste.


Ragi Roti is a very good diet to have as a part of regular diet. This easy-to-make, tasty, nutritious food allows you to play around with ingredients to get different unique taste. Plain heating is the only processing we do and hence this is a better food as compared to some of the processed foods. So what are you waiting for? Get a pack of Ragi flour and get started.

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