Why and how to become a Vegetarian?

Below 3 videos should give more reasons and ideas than a big 1000 words article on why and how to become a vegetarian.



#1. 30 Reasons to Go Vegetarian

There are numerous reasons to go vegetarian but listing them in order of importance is key. This video does exactly that – lists a number of reasons most of which are related to your health. Some of the visuals might be disturbing, so do take care (but then this might just be what is needed to inspire/force one to go vegetarian).



#2. Get connected, go Green

If these reasons are not good enough? want something which has a bigger cause? If yes, then here it is. In this time of high global consumption we need to revisit our consumption habits to help this earth sustain itself. Here is how going vegetarian helps immensely for that cause.



#3. Tough getting vegetarian? Try weekday Veg

Yes, if you have been a non vegetarian all your life and if its overwhelming to leave all of your favorite non-vegetarian dishes at once then Graham Hill, founder of treehugger.com has a powerful, pragmatic suggestion – Be a weekday vegetarian.



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      I am surprised to see no comments on this post! It sure is worth, and I find the second video especially touching. I have been a vegeterian all my life, except for a few occurances when I did give in and ate meat! But I am back, to strictly being a vegeterian. I haven't thought yet, of being a Vegan, but the seed is planted in my mind… I hope more people "see" and make save Mother Earth!

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      Great videos for reasons why to start the vegetarian lifestyle. I learnt how to become a vegetarian when i joined Vegetarian Newbie http://www.vegetariannewbie.com. They really help!

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      Well, animals such as goats and cattle deplete the green cover of the earth. Tigers, lions and wolves keep such animals in check. Aren't they the 'true' saviors of mother earth despite being non-vegetarian?

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      There is really only one animal that's been busy depleting resources (green or other) on planet earth and we can be sure it's not goats, cattle, tigers, lions or wolves. I feel the 3rd video about bringing our consumption of animal dead body parts to at least a sustanable level (i.e eliminate need for industrial unhealthy animal farming) would go a long way.

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      I enjoy the videos, really useful. I have seen a video on a new course called The Vegetarian's Beginner's Guide 30 Day Course. I know a lot of vegetarians will like to watch it.

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      “Why and how to become a Vegetarian?” Roman Shade was a
      very good read and thus I actually was really glad to read it.
      Thanks for the post-Mabel

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