Why do we need to eat plant based Diet only..?

We humans have changed drastically over the past few decades and during this time we have made a lot of advancements in all aspects of our lives. However, during the same time there is a multifold increase in different lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes and cancer. The situation is so bad that almost everyone of us at least know of one person who suffering from one of these disease right now.

So there are a number of institutions world over doing a number of research on various topics and coming up with ground breaking conclusions. However, most of them dont reach the common man due to various reasons but one main reason is industry lobbying. Well established industries like meat and dairy industries would not want someone going around saying eat less milk or meat. So they try to get government bodies to act against implementing a report which would harm the industry and its profits. So the “facts” like cows milk is a must for calcium and meat and dairy is a mustĀ for protein is still a fact because all media outlets we are exposed to say these statements all the time. Anyone who says otherwise is seen as a fool.

In light of all these one great doctor is doing an amazing service to all of us. He is going through all of these different studies and its conclusions and publish it to us, the common man in a way which is easy to understand and simple to implement. All his content is available for free on his website nutrition facts (please visit and subscribe).

Of all his videos one of the most impactful video was the one below. In this one hour video given in 2012 he delivers a power packed dose of information, all of which collated from different studies which explains why we all need to choose whole plant based diet and try to reduce or stop eating meat and dairy completely. He has given two subsequent talks post this (links are below) but this one was the most profound of them all. So please do watch, share and comment.

Link to other two talks are below.

2013 Talk

2014 Talk

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